Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ascent From Darkness by Michael Leehan

Wow! I had no idea what to expect when I began reading Ascent From Darkness by Michael Leehan, but once I started I didn’t want to put it down! I am amazed at Michael’s courage and humility to tell his story through this book. No Christian, let alone human, could ever be proud of the acts and lifestyle the Michael lived, yet remarkably Michael lays out the details of his life. The book begins with Michael’s early years and how he had turned from God and decided to make Satan his master. The story then unfolds to tell of his divorce and his sex driven, deadbeat, purposeless lifestyle that would revolve around self-emulation, sacrifices and a life devoted to Satan.
            Michael reveals secrets of his diabolical lifestyle and leaves little behind. Throughout the book we see godly people trying to bring him back into the light but to no avail. It isn’t until the very end that we learn how God had supernaturally saved his life before his suicide attempt.
            I recommend this book to EVERYONE. I truly believe this book could be made into a movie because it grips the reader and doesn’t let go. The whole way through I thought to myself “ok I know he is a saved Christian now, but how in the world did he get himself out of this mess!?” So I kept reading, and reading, and reading.
            One of the BEST books I have read recently, captivating, fascinating, intriguing, and most definitely a great BLESSING.
            This book has blessed me and I know it will bless you too. Read it. You have to, you can’t miss out not too. I’m not sure how the rest of you will feel, but my spiritual life and understanding will never be the same.
            This book has been provided to me by Thomas Nelson publishers for an honest review. I did not have to give a favorable review of the book and the opinions described above are 100% my own.