Monday, August 15, 2016

The Mind of Terror by Tass Saada

Reading ‘The Mind of Terror’ by Tass Saada has been an eye opening experience. Tass Saada has quiet the extraordinary background being a former Muslim sniper for Yasser Arafat and then turning his life over to Jesus Christ. He first hand knows what motivates ISIS and other extremist groups and provides enlightening explanations what goes through their minds as well as how we as Christian should counteract them. Rather than staying clear of Muslims he advocates communication with them and explains why and how to do so.
I’ll be honest despite reading many books about Islam, Islamic books themselves for sheer interest, and being over to the Middle East for over a month I still had a rather negative image of Muslims and did not see much need to reach out to them since they seem to be so set in their way. Tass Saada has opened up my eyes and my mind to think differently. It is not our job to convert anyone; it is our job to be friendly, loving, kind, inviting to develop a relationship so Muslims do not think we are a bunch of hypocrites and sinners. Once they see that there is good within Christians and not just what movies and news portray maybe then they will start to be more open to the Christian message/ the Holy Spirits calling within their own lives.

Tass Saada does a marvelous job opening up the readers mind and gives tools and explanations on how to reach out to Muslims, without his input I likely would have still carried on not wanting anything to do with Muslims, thinking they are hopeless but now I can see clearly that it is not my decision to see who is hopeless or not, my job at the very least is to be friendly, that does not take much but can go a long way.