Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beautifully written. Well organized. Simply a fabulous read.

Thomas Nelson IncorporatedFeb 19, 2013 - 516 pages

What an incredible journey John MacArthur takes us on. One Perfect Life by best-selling author John MacArthur is nothing short of fantastic. Without a doubt MacArthur put a lot of time and effort to take verses and prophetic passages throughout the bible of Jesus and makes one seamless continuous account of His life and mission. With Matthew as the base, MacArthur pulls the other four gospels together and makes it one grand story without missing links, parables, stories or discrepancies. Matthew is said to be the base because it was written to the Jews and along with one of the missions of this book shows how the Old Testament prophecies pointed to Jesus as being the Messiah. MacArthur begins the book showing how all signs pointed to Jesus as the Messiah and inserts the proof directly from one part of the bible into the gospel stories as he goes on to make it all the clearer for the reader to see and understand.

What is so beautiful about MacArthur’s work is how he shows and marks the transitions from one passage or verse to another and where that passage comes from in the bible. The passages are word for word without any additions of his own. MacArthur does, however, provide a short commentary at the bottom of each page for references, deeper understanding or further study.

All in all, I have never read another book the puts the goals together so neatly and well organized with exact notations of the passages so if the reader wanted to they could as easily follow it in their bible as in this book. Beautiful work and highly recommended!

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson, all opinions expressed were based on my own readings and thoughts.