Monday, June 13, 2016

94 Feet from Fishflix

94 Feet ( is a touching story about a town experiencing rough times. Businesses and factories have shut down, jobs are scarce and people have lost hope of a bright future. This story may be based on a particular true story regarding a tragic mine explosion which trapped people inside but I’d also say it’s a good representation of what is happening to towns (and cities) all over America. This is not just about how one town in America dealt with its tragedies but it is far more reaching to all those that are in desperate times with a hopeless outlook. Although the message is good, I would have to say it is very slow and a bit dull. The acting is much better than anything I could ever do but not at the level I am used to. 94 feet is a decent movie with a message that many in America need to hear and can resonate with but a bit boring for what I am used to. To see more about this movie and many other Christian DVDs visit If you join their email list ( you can get a $5 coupon or join by texting 5-GIFT to 44222. I want thank flishflix for blessing me with a copy of this move.