Friday, October 3, 2014

Prayer Makes A Difference

Naeem Fazal, author of the book Ex-Muslim, has an incredible, and what I would say heroic story to tell. As the title implies Naeem grew up Muslim, his family was from Pakistan, and he himself was born in Kuwait. He describes himself as being a conservative Muslim that however, all changed once he came to school to the US. Naeem’s brother was the first to get involved with Christianity and once Naeem found out his brother was as good as dead. God had other plans.

Incredibly through different means Naeem found out for himself who Jesus really was and made the radical decision to forsake Mohammad and follow Jesus. His book shares his obstacles, experiences, and how one by one his brothers and sisters decided to follow his decision and convert to Christianity.

Naeem was willing to lay everything on the line, his relationship with his parents and his entire family just to follow the Savior.  There were certainly a fair share of struggles described in the book but it’s absolutely incredible to read about the transformation that had occurred from a zealous Muslim boy to become a church pastor.

I recommend this book for anyone that is looking to go on an adventure, to discover a bit more about life outside the walls of your present church. Anyone who wishes to understand a bit better the struggles and difficulties that people face not just in Pakistan and the Middle East when faced with the decision to follow Jesus, but also happening right in our own country and all around us.
I want to thank Thomas Nelson for providing me with a copy of this book; I was totally blessed by it!