Saturday, January 28, 2012

Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas

Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas is a book truly needed for your time and generation. It is to no ones surprise that Americans health has been declining but it may be a surprise that Americans spirituality has been on the decline as well with over 7.9 million people leaving the church annually, this equates to 150,000 people walking away from the church each week!! But is there a correlation? Gary Thomas suggests that there is. Gary reminds us about the importance of our health and how it affects our spiritual life. I personally am not obese or overweight but nonetheless I found this book to be a great reminder to be cautious of my eating habits and my lifestyle.
I’ve known that that the body is the temple of God (1 Cor. 6:19-20) but I’ve never thought how disregarding my fitness level and occasional unhealthy eating my relationship with God. In this book Gary offers us solutions to living healthier and being more spiritual.

The book has also been endorsed by:
Ryan Hall – American long-distance runner and U.S. record holder in the half marathon
Dr. Ed Young – Senior pastor of Second Baptist Church in Huston Texas

I appreciate Gary writing this book because he can relate to the average Joe experiencing problems that the rest of us have when it comes to eating right and exercising. This is a great book with an important message for all believers.  
This book has been sent to me by Zondervan for an honest review, the thoughts expressed are based on my honest opinions.