Tuesday, September 20, 2016

NIrV Minecrafters Bible

Anyone that enjoys Minecraft will definitely enjoy this bible. This translation is very easy to read for kids and doesn’t diminish the importance or value of the scriptures. The added beauty to this bible is the 24 color pages of illustrations based on the game of Minecraft. Anyone into the game will be inspired by the illustrations and drawn into the stories to visualize them in ways they never have before. The combination to mentally view the bible stories differently and to integrate the game with the bible is a simply perfect match for fans of the game. The illustrations not only give creativity and fun to the pages but also discuss the stories they portray, where they are found and give tasks to do in the game that would integrate the story into the game.

This bible is a great idea to motivate a child who loves Minecraft to open and read the bible, understand and visualize the stories and try to implement the bible and its stories into their game. There is no better way of learning than active learning and this bible tries to motivate children to learn, visualize, and implement the stories in new ways. I highly recommend it for any Minecrafter fans. Thank you to Zondervan for blessing me with this bible for this honest review.