Thursday, June 23, 2011

“Is the Bible reliable: building a historical case” from TrueU and Focus on the Family

In case anyone that reads this may not know, but at times I get material from publishers like Tyndale which ask me to give an honest review about the material. The last item I got from them were two DVD’s entitled “Is the Bible reliable: building a historical case” (released be TrueU and Focus on the Family) I don’t know about other people but I love diving into hard evidence regarding the bible and these DVD’s allowed me to do just that. They have been an absolute delight to watch and learn from. I have done a number of reviews so far, but this is one of my favorites. I know even before I get into the summery the DVD (+booklet), if you look into purchasing the DVD’s they are $40 which may seem like a lot but I would have to say they are well worth it! The information is fantastic, engaging, and well presented. These DVD’s take you through all the defining moments of the Bible and present unquestionable archeological evidence and provide great background information regarding culture and the times, further proving the Bible’s validity. The DVD’s are made in an excellent way that you can enjoy it either at home with family or make group studies with them. The book that comes along is a bonus already containing outlines for doing group studies and helping to cement the knowledge.
I am a student that has gone to a public high school and I have many unbelieving friends. At times I would share with my friends about Christ, I would sense that they wanted to be a part of God’s loving family but they had a difficult time accepting the Bible for they felt like there was no proof of the events in it. After watching these DVD’s, they’ll have all the proof they need. These DVD’s a great way to strengthen one’s own faith and provide answers to those with doubts.

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