Sunday, January 13, 2013

Made Me Enjoy LOTR All The More

Lion Publishing PlcNov 7, 2012 - 240 pages
Millions have read and watched the story of Middle Earth unfold and become one of the greatest epic adventures ever to be told, but how many know the story behind who wrote it? In J.R.R. Tolkien: The Making Of A Legend, Colin Duriez does a first class job of introducing and detailing the life of Tolkien.

As soon as I began reading I felt that Colin Duriez knew the life Tolkien better then anyone I’ve heard from before. Colin Duriez, in this book, not only knows the life of Tolkien very well but he also tells it as a skilled storyteller. I love the story of Lord of the Rings, I’ve watched the movies and read the books but I hardly knew much about Tolkien and now I see so much more the motivation behind Middle Earth and the characters within it. I was fascinated to read how some events from Tolkien’s life became events in the book.

Most lovers of LOTR know little of Tolkien’s life and hardships, but after reading this biography I now realize that I was missing a vital part of the story having not known of the person who wrote it.

To lovers of LOTR and all other of Tolkien’s works I would highly recommend reading about the this fascinating and incredible man, it will change how you see the story; furthermore I feel like there is no better author to tell you about the making of this legend as Colin Duriez. I loved it, enjoyed it, and recommend it to all LOTR lovers and those on the fence.
This book was provided to me for an honest review.

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