Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Refreshing, Thought Invoking.

Published by Thomas Nelson, May 7 2013 - 224 pages, hardcover
What is time and what does it mean for us? N.D. Wilson does a remarkable job in his book Death by Living, weaving theology and story telling like only a few writers before him have ever done. From the get go we see his love for stories, the works of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien are mentioned all throughout the book, and rightly so, for Wilson’s ability to write and articulate himself is comparable to the likes of Lewis and Chesterton.

This book does not dive straight into the meaning of life, time, and etc. but rather takes the scenic route to get to the point. Like the works of Chesterton and Lewis, one cannot appreciate them if read with haste and such is Death by Living. Although I’m not used to reading story books (this is not a fiction book) with theology weaved in the background, this was a masterful work by Wilson which made me slow down as I read, forced me to ponder, and reflect on the time I’ve spent and have yet to spend here on this planet. 

If you are looking for a refreshingly different book on spiritualty look no further. Wilson’s masterful story telling skills mixed with his knowledge and experience of God simply calms the soul of the reader. Should you get this book? Yes, but do me a favor and don’t read it to fast, enjoy it, brood over it, and may God bless your reading of this book.
Thank you to Thomas Nelson for providing me with this copy of this book, may it be a blessing to many others.

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