Friday, February 20, 2015

The Daniel Cure: The Daniel Fast Way to Vibrant Health (Susan Gregory & Richard J. Bloomer)

The Daniel Cure is not just a book about a type of diet, it contains a recipe for a healthy, spiritual, vibrant life. The book starts out by first addressing the question what exactly is the Daniel cure and what’s the deal with fasting anyway? After understanding the big picture and the vital aspect that fasting plays on our spiritual and physical health Gregory and Bloomer dive deeper to describe how the type of foods we eat affect our health. What type of diseases we are at risk for and how those diseases work in our bodies.
Being in medicine I know that this is where a lot of people get lost and because people cannot fully conceptualize what is happening in their bodies on a micro scale they don’t tend to think about it or worry about the affects that will come in the future. This book however, does a wonderful job spelling out simply what the different diseases are relating to our diet, how diet plays a vital role in controlling those diseases, and how those diseases’ work. The information was clear and easy to understand and digest and if anyone had previously failed to understand how diet and disease are directly correlated or how those disease are brought about and affect our lives part 2 of this book will lift the fog from your eyes.
So far I have only mentioned 2 of the 6 parts of this book and yet already this book is worth a read! Part 3 helps us get our final preparations ready to begin the Daniel fast and part 4 gives us an immense amount of meal planning and recipe ideas for the diet.

This is an amazing resource for anyone wanting to go through a Daniel fast, it’s not only helpful by giving us the details of our health and recipes but is also encourages and motivating.  A 21 day devotional is also found in part 5 of the book and so this book will not only point you in the right direction regarding your health but also can help flourish your spirituality.
Thank you to Zondervan for blessing me with this book.

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