Saturday, February 20, 2016

Perfect Bible for a little Princess

Recently I received The ICB Princess Bible from Thomas Nelson, this bible is a perfect bible for a young girl. When I ordered this bible I did so because I thought the cover was very pretty and totally suiting for my little niece (which loves everything princess). When it came it did not disappoint. The cover was beautiful but more importantly it is what was between the covers that had me pleasantly surprised. I have never heard of the International Children’s Bible translation so I didn’t know if they were cutting some bad stories out, rewording stories that might lose the real meaning or anything of the sort that to make it “safe” for kids, but that is not what I found. The translation was perfect for kids, it’s very easy to read, children at a third grade level should be able to read and fully understand this translation and there is nothing missing. The whole bible is there, all the stories without any original meanings lost, it’s just that it’s much easier to read and understand. It also contains nice inserts about “Why Should I read the Bible”, “How Do I Know Jesus Loves Me”, “Bible Verses to Know”, etc. Pretty much the only down side to this bible is that the pages aren’t of the highest quality but honestly that is not a big deal. I would highly recommend this Bible to any young girl who loves princesses. Thank you Thomas Nelson for blessing me and my niece with a copy of this bible.  

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