Friday, September 20, 2013

Real Men Don't Text - A New Approach To Dating

Let me introduce myself: I’m a 20 something year old single male who can totally resonate with Ruthie’s experiences in this book (one of the authors of this book). Having failed time and time again with finding the right girl for myself I have decided to try this new approach to dating and so far it’s been awesome.

Not everything in this book is new and original advice, but all of it is sound advice. I love relationship/ dating books because after choosing Christ as savior what other decision is as important as finding the right mate, or something discussed in this book, being the right mate.
I mentioned that not all the material in this book is original but nonetheless they still do provide new and intriguing advice as well as give a fresh look on old advice you might have heard or read elsewhere.

When I first got the book I was unaware that the book is meant for a female audience, however, I found that it really doesn’t matter; the advice goes beyond gender roles. Furthermore this book could be that much more helpful to males for it teaches how to behave with girls and gives males an edge by knowing/ understanding what girls might expect from us.

Overall, having read many relationship advice books I can’t really think of what the Dean’s have left out or missed. Applying their advice I have more confidence in myself, I put more trust in God, I feel less pressured and less time constricted to jump into relationships. I now have better friendships rather than wrecked relationships and feel like I am making wiser decisions over all. I encourage all to read it, and maybe not everything will be applicable to you, some parts weren’t to me, but I am sure you will come away wiser and come away blessed.
Thank you to Tyndale for blessing me with a copy in return for this review.

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