Friday, January 31, 2014

Life Trip

I don’t put my thoughts to paper often but after a string of unexpected twists and turns in life I’ve come to a conclusion how to handle them and felt like sharing.

I love traveling, love road trips, love hiking, love exploring, just the thought of it is enough to have my imagination run wild with ideas and plans for future trips. But this is not about panning my next trip.

During any given trip I love to immerse myself into every moment of the experience, to look out the window, see the sites, eat the food, not waste a moment, not take a glance for granted.

I’ve had some pretty intense trips. Stranded in the middle of the dessert in Palestinian territory without a cent to my name and my plane leaving in a day from another country, threatened to be shot by boarder guards in Russia, caught crossing boarders illegally (long story), sleeping in city parks, beach benches, numerous car breakdowns and countless other unforgettable experiences. At the time the obstacles seemed impossible to overcome but looking back I wouldn’t have changed a second.

I realize my life is a trip. I’ve always prayed to arrive at my final destination asap but what would I have missed if God would have answered my prayers? I had my fair bit of heartache (much more than necessary), I’ve made my mistakes and am living the consequences but the trials, twists, and turns are the scenery along my trip. Just as I wouldn’t want to miss a world wonder or miss seeing a sunset in my rearview mirror I don’t want to miss the beauty along the road I am on. I’ve had some intense trips and though I couldn’t wait to get home those are some of my favourite stories to tell. So in my life, I’ve gone (and am going through) hard times, and though I can’t wait for all life’s wrinkles to be ironed out I know looking back these times will produce my favourite stories to share. 

When things are tough in the moment it’s hard to enjoy the trip we’re on but think of how much more we would get out of it and enjoy our time, good or bad. If we only put our trust that God is in control of the future and enjoy that sunset in the rearview mirror, marvel at the scenery as we pass it by.

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