Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Question That Never Goes Away - Philip Yancey

The Question That Never Goes Away is another fantastically written book by Philip Yancey. To those that are familiar with Yancey’s beautiful and articulate writing, filled with quotes and views from other authors, scholars and theologians other than his own, you will once again be left in deep and thoughtful contemplation on the topic of suffering.

The question that never goes away, never does go away, despite reading this book. As in many of Yancey’s works he does not attempt to explain away suffering but instead gives instances from modern day that illustrate the worst of suffering, pain, and tragedies. Although there is no explanation behind them Yancey makes it clear that God is love and healing and comfort can be achieved through Him.

Although you won’t walk away having every question answered you will be led down the path to comfort and encouragement. As Yancey mentions God knows what suffering is, He gave up His one and only son, we can trust Him with our pain.

I highly recommend this book, Philip Yancey is a masterful writer. He never fails to leave the reader in deep thought, encouraged, and blessed. This topic is a hard to dive into, few venture into it and even fewer do it correctly, Yancey is one of those few. Anyone struggling for answers or anyone interested in the question ’why God?’ cannot pass on this book. Thank you to booksneeze and Zondervan for blessing me with a copy of this book.

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