Friday, December 31, 2010

God's Vastness!!

Modern physics helps us to conceive of the relative nature of time. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, a person traveling at the speed of light would see the entire history of the universe pass by in a single moment. One the other hand. a God who encompasses the entire universe can “view” what happens on earth and what happened fifteen thousand or billion years ago simultaneously (a word that doesn’t really apply to a timeless God). We see the stars as they used to be, receiving light on Earth that they generated millions of years ago. As the Dutch novelist Harry Mulisch speculates in his fantasy The Discovery of Heaven, if we had the technology to place a mirror on a celestial object forty light-years away, beamed images from Earth to that mirror, then gazed at it through a very powerful telescope, we would see right not reflections of what took place on earth eighty years ago - forty years for Earth’s light to reach the distant planet, and forty years for the reflection to reach Earth. Past and present merge. An omnipotent Being large enough to coexist on the Andromeda galaxy and also on Earth would experience time in a completely different way, experiencing at once both the history of Earth and the billion-year-old history of the galaxy, as well as years in between. If a star explodes in Andromeda, this Being takes note of it immediately, yet will also “see” it from the viewpoint of an observer on Earth many years later as if it has just happened. God is outside time, say the theologians, in a way that we are only beginning to imagine. Time, like everything else in creation, ultimately serves the creator.
Philip Yancey

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