Friday, December 31, 2010

Two Kinds Of People

Listening to a song today I came across these lyrics 
“there are just two kinds of people, ones who say your just not able and the one’s who change the world”.
Makes me think of the person I was, I am and hope to become. I was always told by teachers and others I would never be able to achieve much… and here I am 4th year pre-med ready to graduate. Yet now I still limit myself with a mentality that oh that’s to hard, or oh I am not able to at this point in my life, but if anything after dwelling on those lyrics I see how wrong I am. Life should be taken by the horns - we might not be able to do the task but God won’t let us fail, He never does… and if we do, well all we did was prepare our self better for what is still to come. Nothing is ever lost, no experience wasted, no such thing as a dumb or hopeless dream… with God.

- Dear God, help us realize our dependence on You always and the mighty strength you give us that yet even though we don’t even know how we will or how we will be able to, we would do grand things. Help us dream big - the impossible, and have no doubt that we can (and will) achieve it. But never, never may we lose our dependence on You.

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